AT115 safety glasses

AT115 safety glasses

A very light frame with adjustable handles, which prevents the glasses from falling out of your sight while working. This frame, like other frames, has high flexibility. The various colors of the lens with a beautiful design in this model have made it very popular.



Ergonomic Design

High Flexbility

High Viewing Angle

UV 400

Check the characteristics of AT115 safety glasses

Totas AT 115 safety glasses have a very high degree of flexibility. Made according to the standard of the European Union and the United States. The weight of this product is only 20 grams, which makes it very light and the user can easily use it. These glasses are without waves and have a very high viewing angle. Its glass is scratch-resistant. The lenses of these glasses are available in white, smoky, light 3, light 5, light 9, yellow, brown, reflex and mercury. Light 9 lens is suitable for welding. The yellow lens is suitable for use at night and early in the morning, in low light situations and at night. The green color of this lens is suitable for gold and silver welding furnaces, cutting and light welding. The color of the reflex lens is very suitable in times of severe sunlight. Mercury lenses are suitable for daily activities and driving in the sun, fishing, marine activities, use by the sea, flying and environments with snowy conditions. Brown lens is suitable for cloudy weather. It has UV 400 and is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Smoked lens feature:

  • Transfer all colors in the same degree
  • Protects the eyes from too high a glare and dangerous UV light levels
  • No distortion of color perception
  • Ideal for outdoor use on a sunny day
  • Common / more common safety lenses than colored lenses

Brown lens feature:

  • Suitable for sunny conditions
  • Increase perception in changing light and shadow
  • Can be used in forest environments and work outdoors in light shade
  • Dim light transmission
  • Increases visual acuity and improves color perception
  • Defined in all lighting conditions

White lens feature:

  • Clear vision
  • Suitable for all hours of the day
  • Physical protection of the eye from foreign objects in professions such as: lathe, carpentry, mechanical, polishing, painting and laboratories

Yellow lens feature:

  • Clear vision
  • Increase maximum comparative power in low light environments
  • Unique determination of degree and color details in early morning or late night, foggy, cloudy days and special weather conditions
  • Suitable for night shift workers in low light environments such as warehouses and mechanical service holes
  • Suitable for driving at night

Mercury lens feature:

  • Reduce intense sunlight and dark rays of the sun without degrading the color
  • Common use for applications in full sun
  • All-purpose protector
  • Ideal for all activities such as: fishing, sea activities, seaside, flying, driving and snowy environments

Green lens feature:

  • Suitable for welding
  • Suitable for low to medium infrared light environments such as casting, soldering, cutting and bonding

Smoky Lens 9 Features:

  • Suitable for welding

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