AT114 safety glasses

AT114 safety glasses

A very light frame with adjustable handles, which prevents the glasses from falling out of your sight while working. This frame, like other frames, has high flexibility. The various colors of the lens with a beautiful design in this model have made it very popular.



Ergonomic Design

High Flexbility

sliding handle

UV 400

Check the characteristics of AT114 safety glasses

Totas AT 114 glasses have high flexibility that follows American and European standards. These glasses are very flexible due to their weight, which is only 21.5 grams, and this flexibility makes them highly durable. High durability is one of the conditions that you should pay attention to when buying safety glasses, because once you buy this product, you can avoid wasting your capital in the future. AT 114 safety glasses with sliding handles. The sliding handle allows the glasses to be fixed on your face while working, and you can easily continue working without having to fix it several times. The glasses of these glasses are without waves and scratch-resistant. Also, the handles used in it are without waves.

The lenses used in these glasses have different colors, which in addition to being beautiful, makes you use it in different applications. Among the colors used in the lens of Totas AT 114 glasses are oven blue, orange, mercury blue, white, smoky and yellow. The color of the orange lens is used for dental purposes. The color of white and smoky lenses is very suitable for displaying all colors in a realistic way and for use outdoors during the day. The yellow lens color of these safety glasses is ideal for consumption at night and in low light environments such as early morning, foggy weather and cloudy weather. The blue mercury lens is suitable for reducing intense sunlight and sunlight. It should be noted that the UV used in these glasses is all UV 400.

Specialized feature of smoked lens:

  • Transfer all colors in the same degree
  • Protects the eyes from too high a glare and dangerous UV light levels
  • No distortion of color perception
  • Ideal for outdoor use on a sunny day
  • Common / more common safety lenses than colored lenses

Special feature of white lens:

  • Clear vision
  • Lenses suitable for all hours of the day
  • Physical protection of the eye against foreign objects in professions such as: lathe-carpentry-mechanical-smoothing-painting and laboratories

Specialized feature of yellow lens:

  • Clear vision
  • Increase maximum comparative power in low light environments
  • Unparalleled determination and recognition of degree and color details in the early morning or at night
  • Suitable for foggy, cloudy days and special weather conditions Suitable for night shift workers
  • Suitable for working in low light environments such as warehouses and mechanical service holes of surface inspectors
  • Suitable for electronics repairs
  • Suitable for night driving

Special feature of mercury lens:

  • Reduce intense sunlight and dark rays of the sun without degrading the color
  • Common use for applications in full sun
  • All-purpose protector
  • Ideal for all activities such as: fishing, sea activities, seaside, flying, driving and snowy environments

Specialized feature of red lens:

  • Suitable for use with laser equipment

Specialized feature of blue lens:

  • Suitable for use in front of a variety of furnaces

Specialized feature of orange lens:

  • Suitable for all lights such as half sun, dull cloudy days
  • Reduce glare and increase visibility on orange colors
  • Increase vision and reduce eye fatigue
  • Suitable for specialized medical-dental / dental inspections and repair works of various parts

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