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The most specialized center for the production and supply of industrial glasses in Iran

Our Story

More Than half a century of activity


What does Totas mean? Totas is in our mother tongue stands for “Production and Distribution of Industrial ToolsTotas Is a Trading Manufacturing Company which started its activity in 1970, with the aim of supplying and distributing various tools and safety accessories needed by the industry. After gaining the necessary experience and considering the lock of domestic market, this group has supplied and produced a wide range of safety products, including a variety of glasses, helmetswelding masks, safety harness and safety belts.


We are proud to say that Totas is a leader in the production of industrial lenses. We have gained this position first thanks to God and then because of your trust and our day-to-day efforts. 

 Get to know Totas as follows:

  • High Quality Raw Materials
  • New and Modern Ideas
  • International and Domestic Standards
  • High Quality Products
عینک ضد خش توتاص

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50+Years of experience
80+Custom product
600+Customer Satisfaction

Totas Vision

Multi Options Glasses With Unique Design


Totas glasses have a lot of fans, because they always adhere to the following principles:

The weight of Totas glasses is very ideal. You do not feel tired at all by wearing them. After a few minutes you will forget that you have glasses on.

Totas glasses have Anti-waves features. For this reason, even after a few hours of wearing them, you will not feel dizzy.

With these glasses, your viewing angle is very wide or so-called wide. The sides of the glasses are not closed at all. After a few minutes, you will forget about the glasses due to the high viewing angle.

There is no difference between medical glasses, sunglasses and work glasses with Totas glasses. Because they all exist in one glass. You will no longer need to change your glasses.

At Totas, you can order safety tools with a unique design. Just Submit Your idea.


We listen to your needs and offer a Best Choice


We will start designing based on the idea approved by you


After designing, we will start building based on agreement


Finally, after your approval of the prototype, we will start production


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